Intellectual Property

It is universally accepted that innovation would not be possible without recognizing and protecting the rights of innovators and inventors.

Though Intellectual Property rights may be intangible, it is nonetheless universally accepted that innovation would not be possible without those rights being recognized and protected. This understanding is engrained in our intellectual property practice.

We advise our clients on which class of rights a specific product should be classified under so as to get the most effective and proper protection of the product under that class of intellectual property.

We also advise and act for clients in the process of registering or renewing the intellectual property concerned; be it an industrial design, patent, trademark or copyright.

We also advise clients on how best to make use of their intellectual property in order to maximize their gains on the same, holding your hand as we navigate all the processes including through licensing and collection of royalties.

Further, in order to safeguard these rights, our firm acts on behalf of clients before arbitral tribunals which deal with the protection of intellectual property, such as the Industrial Property Tribunal, the Trademarks Registrar or the Competent Authority, as well as in legal proceedings before courts of law.

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