Capital Markets, Mergers & Competition

We have extensive expertise in relation to the merger or takeover processes as well as competition practice

Growth, whether organic or inorganic, forms part of the lifecycle of any successful business venture. To enable our clients to achieve the intended growth envisioned of their businesses, our firm advises on appropriate legal and corporate strategies needed to facilitate this growth.

In this regard, we have extensive expertise on capital raising ventures through the capital markets. As such, we are able to advise clients in relation to the issuance of bonds or commercial papers as well as the raising of working capital, or exit of investments, through private placements, initial public offerings or listing by introductions on the Nairobi Stock Exchange. We are also able to advise clients on the legal, administrative, regulatory and governance requirements needed to achieve a public issuance of shares or the raising of capital from the public.

Further, we have extensive expertise in relation to the merger or takeover process needed in order for businesses to attain inorganic growth. As such, we are able to advise on the merger or acquisition of an entity from the conception stage to the conclusion of the process, including negotiation and drafting of the necessary contract documents, undertaking of legal due diligence as well as procuring of necessary regulatory approval. Our expertise in this area includes identifying issues which may be deemed as anti-competitive by regulators during the merger or acquisition process as well as remedial measures needed to address those concerns.

In addition, as part of our competition practice, we review consumer protection measures and policies on behalf of our clients to ensure that they fully comply with Kenyan law. We also assist clients caught up in regulatory action such as competition dawn raids with regard to compliance and, where necessary, remedial action.

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