Tomorrow’s solutions delivered today

KRK Advocates LLP is a legal services firm that provides bespoke legal solutions to financial services providers, large and medium sized organizations, established Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Cooperatives, Non- Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Government to enable them succeed in what they do best.

We offer a compelling value proposition that provides our clients with bespoke legal solutions and services at optimum and work hand in hand with them in achieving their desired outcomes.

Going from good to great

The firm has a vast client base comprising of entities engaged in Banking, Insurance, Real Estate, Pensions, Construction and the Co-operative Sector. We also advise various government parastatals and non-governmental institutions as well as high net worth individuals.

Keeping track of many possible outcomes

We pride ourselves in providing you with tomorrow’s solutions today. We can only do that by keeping track of the possible outcomes that you may face in your daily operations.

Advising you on your options

By studying the possible situations you might find yourself in, we can prepare possible solutions for you. Using our input you can develop your own unique approach to handling the situation knowing you are working with the best information on hand.

”We cultivate long lasting business partnerships that are mutually beneficial and are led and guided by integrity in our operations and service offer.“

– Benson Kuria, Managing Partner

What We Do